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Zavi B.V., located and headquartered in Oss (5345JX) at Vlinderhof 1, hereinafter referred to as “Zavi B.V.”, attaches great importance to a responsible handling of personal data of its visitors. Zavi B.V. therefore processes your personal data carefully and in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation. In this Privacy Statement, Zavi B.V. informs you about how Zavi B.V. processes your personal data and how you can change it or object to it. This Privacy Statement only applies to the services offered by Zavi B.V. on

Article 1 Explanation of personal data and specific purposes for their processing

1. Personal
Zavi B.V. uses data to provide you with a personalized shopping experience as much as possible. Zavi B.V. customizes what you see on based on your interests. For this purpose, Zavi B.V. uses, for example, data from previous orders, your IP address, and cookies. You can read more about cookies here.

2. Purpose
Zavi B.V. therefore collects and processes your personal data. By visiting, you agree to this Privacy Statement and give consent for the processing of your personal data as described in this Privacy Statement. Zavi B.V. uses your data for various purposes. Below you can see what these purposes are. We use data received from you, but also data collected by ourselves. For example, data about your visit to our website. Below is an overview of personal data that may be processed by Zavi B.V.

3. Order
For your order, Zavi B.V. needs your name, email address, addresses, payment details, and sometimes your phone number. This allows us to deliver your order and keep you informed about your order. Zavi B.V. also provides this information to others if necessary for an order, for example, to delivery services and our distribution center. If you order from an external seller on, Zavi B.V. provides your data to this seller. We require our external sellers to handle your data as carefully as Zavi B.V. does.

4. Your account
In your account on, Zavi B.V. stores, among other things, the following information: your name, addresses, phone number, email address, delivery and payment details, data about your previous orders, and reviews you have posted.

5. Customer service
You can call, email, and chat with our customer service. To help you quickly with questions, we use your data as mentioned under 1.3 and/or 1.4 and make notes that we keep. Zavi B.V. records data about the phone call and keeps chats for analysis and improvement of our services. Sometimes Zavi B.V. uses another party to answer your questions. That party may use your data for that purpose.

6. Newsletters
You can subscribe to our various newsletters. Zavi B.V. has general and personalized newsletters. Zavi B.V. compiles personalized newsletters based on your data as mentioned under 1.3 and/or 1.4 and especially previous orders. This makes the newsletter more interesting for you. If you no longer wish to receive newsletters from Zavi B.V., you can unsubscribe via the unsubscribe link under each newsletter.

7. Customer review
When writing a customer review, you can choose whether your personal data are visible to other visitors and whether Zavi B.V. may contact you about your customer review. In such cases, Zavi B.V. keeps track of who writes which review, and your reviews are also in your account.

8. Contests
If you participate in a promotion or contest, Zavi B.V. asks for your name, address, and email address to execute the promotion, announce the winner(s), and measure the response to advertising campaigns.

9. Personal shopping
Based on your previous visits to, Zavi B.V. tracks your shopping behavior and personal preferences and can adjust its offerings to you accordingly. Zavi B.V. uses cookies, your IP address, and information about previous purchases for this purpose. Read more about cookies and how to disable them at

10. Improvement of Zavi B.V. services
Zavi B.V. may use your data as mentioned under 1.3 and/or 1.4 to invite you to participate in an optional customer or market research. If third parties conduct this research for Zavi B.V., Zavi B.V. provides your email address to that third party to conduct the research.

11. Fraud, infringement, or other unacceptable customer behaviors
Zavi B.V. uses your data to investigate, prevent, and counteract fraud. If necessary, Zavi B.V. provides your data as mentioned under 1.3 and/or 1.4 to the government. Also, Zavi B.V. may provide your data as mentioned under 1.3 and/or 1.4 to the police, judiciary, and other law enforcement agencies and other third parties to comply with legal obligations or a judicial decision, or to prevent, detect, or prosecute criminal offenses or unlawful behaviors.

12. Paying afterwards
If you buy items and do not pay immediately, Zavi B.V. may check your creditworthiness. Zavi B.V. may use external agencies/third parties for this. For this investigation, Zavi B.V. may provide your data to others, who may only use this data for that purpose.

13. Business customers
Data of business customers, partners, or (their) contact persons are used and processed in the same way as those of private customers. If the data are of individuals, Zavi B.V. treats these data just like those of other customers of Zavi B.V..

14. Other purposes
Finally, Zavi B.V. may use your data for other purposes, as specifically described when collecting your data.

Article 2 Transfer to third parties

1. Zavi B.V. does not disclose your personal data to third parties, unless:
a) The transfer is made to third parties engaged by Zavi B.V. for the purposes listed in this Privacy Statement, with whom Zavi B.V. has entered into an agreement specifying how this Partner will handle your personal data responsibly;
b) Zavi B.V. is legally obliged to disclose personal data to competent authorities.

Article 3 Data security

1. Zavi B.V. uses appropriate technical and organizational security procedures, to the extent required of it, including to prevent unauthorized access to your data and to prevent loss, unlawful use, or modification of the information received by Zavi B.V.

Article 4 Availability and amendment of your data

1. You can request access to your personal data that we process at any time. You can also request to have your data changed or deleted. For this, you can send an email to or use the de-authorization option in your account. If you choose to delete your personal data, you can no longer use the website, as the processing of your personal data is essential for the operation of the website.

Article 5 Cookies

1. During an ongoing session, Zavi B.V. may use first-party session cookies. These cookies are primarily functional in nature. To refuse all cookies or to be informed every time your computer receives a cookie, you can change the settings of your computer through the “help” function on the toolbar of your computer’s browser. Some features on may not work if your computer cannot receive cookies.

Article 6 Liability of Zavi B.V.

1. Zavi B.V. has no control over the possible use by third parties of your personal data. This Privacy Statement only concerns the personal data processed by Zavi B.V. for Zavi B.V. accepts no responsibility or liability for (the operation and/or content of) third-party websites or services.

Article 7 Retention period

1. Zavi B.V. retains personal data for a period of 12 months after your last visit to, unless Zavi B.V. is legally obliged to retain personal data for a longer period on the basis of a legal provision.

Article 8 Amendment of Privacy Statement

1. Zavi B.V. reserves the right to amend this Privacy Statement. Any changes will be announced via By using after changes, you agree to any amended Privacy Statement. Keep an eye on this page and for all changes. The current Privacy Statement was last updated on 01-01-2024.