Zavimed’s FolliCOOL – table cooling plate for hair follicle handling

Many clinics performing hair restoration surgery uses ice to control the temperature of the grafts. The critical problem with using ice for chilling of grafts is that the ice bath temperature is changing as the ice melts and this means the tissue is being subjected to variations in temperature. By using the FolliCOOL the user can select the temperature that has been optimized for that type of tissue (e.g., hair follicles/scalp tissue).

Key features:

► Equipped with the most robust compressor available in the market.
► Fluid / Surface temperature of 0-8 ºC / 32-46 °F reached quickly, and easily maintained.
► Stainless steel cooling unit, extra solid.
► Digitally adjustable thermostat.
► Flat handles, both on the cooling plate and the cooling unit; easy to carry.
► Standard cooling plate size: L55 x W25 cm.
► Custom sizes, connections and hoses possible.
► Cooling unit dimension: L32 x W23 x H18 cm.

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