Lion Implanter Pen

Hans Biomed’s Lion Hair Transplanter Body and Needle – One Step Hair Implanter

The Lion HT/HN is a hair transplanter body and needle that considers the convenience of the hair restoration surgeon and team, and the aesthetics of the patient. The transplanter has a clip, which is a unique feature of the Lion hair transplanter. This clip reduces the procedural time and makes the replacement of the needle easier.

The transplant needle is made by using special technology, which has not been done before. With this technology the needles are sharper and more precise than any other needles. This allows minimally invasive treatment into the hair follicle, leading to an increased survival rate and integration rate of the hair follicles.

With sterilization and double blister packaging, there is no risk of infection and can be used in a hygienic manner. The Lion Hair Transplanter Body and Hair Transplanter Needle are patented and have the all relevant certificates.

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