Diamond Tipped FUE Punch Sharpener

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German Diamond Tipped FUE Punch Sharpener

This is a very easy to use instrument to resharpen Stainless Steel OR Titanium blunt punches of any diameter because of its conical shape.


  1. Put the sharpener in the tip of the blunt punch.
  2. Rotate the sharpener with the fingers two/three times, without applying pressure.
  3. From the inside the punch is now bevel sharpened.

Why use the German Diamond Tipped FUE Punch Sharpener?

  • This instrument is very economical and lasts very long because of its diamond tip
  • ‘A must have instrument for every hair transplant surgeon as it saves lots of money’
  • Can be sterilized in the autoclave
Additional information

Additional information

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