KNU Implanter – Sterile – Box of 5

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KNU Implanter – Individually Sterile packed – Box of 5

The KNU Implanter has a history of over 20 years of worldwide usage, developed by Dr. Jung-Chul Kim at KNUH (South Korea).

The Method:



The idea behind the implanter device is simple: it combines the act of making an incision site in the recipient area and the implantation of an extracted graft into one act. The KNU Implanter is a pen-like device featuring a hollow needle attached to a tube and plunger apparatus. During a hair procedure with the KNU Implanter, the hair restoration physician and/or technicians load harvested follicular units into the implanter pen. Using forceps, the graft is placed gently into the hollow needle (at the end of the implanter) and handed back to the physician. The surgeon then inserts the needle at an appropriate angle in the scalp (making the incision site) and implants the graft by pressing down on the plunger. Normally, anywhere from 2-6 KNU implanters are used concurrently during a procedure, and the device comes in a variety of needle sizes to fit single, double, and triple follicular unit grafts.

Advantages of the KNU Implanter:

  • Single step implantation – No needle for slits or holes
  • Improve donor graft’s yield and survival rate;
  • Reduce bleeding and trauma to the recipient site when creating holes in the area to accommodate the donor follicles;
  • Decreased time of surgery (with an experienced KNU Implanter team) due to the combination of graft site creation/implantation;
  • More natural appearance and higher density
  • Enables 1,500 – 2,000 hairs to be transplanted in an hour

Key features:

  • The KNU implanter is CE certified
  • Using high-quality metal
  • Exquisitely produced and sharpened
  • The needle length can be adjusted according to user convenience and patient scalp condition.
  • The stopper length inside the needle can be adjusted to fix the hair follicles.
  • Designed with 3-stage cutting and fine slits for smooth insertion.
  • Minimized needle thickness for smooth insertion and minimal hair follicle damage.
  • The stopper length inside the needle can be adjusted to fix the hair follicles.
  • The implanters are individually sterile packed
  • There is no clip, which tend to wear or break easily with Lion


  • The sizes are visible on the plastic, which makes it easier to identify and match the correct implanter parts and the needles.
  • Available in six sizes:
Size Color Intended Use
0.6mm Brown fine hair for eyebrow
0.7mm Black 1 hair follicular unit
0.8mm* Green 1 hair follicular unit
0.9mm Yellow 1 or 2 hair follicular unit
1.0mm* White 2 hair follicular unit
1.2mm Red 3 hair follicular unit


Channel Width:

*The 0.8mm and 1.0mm are available in two tunnel/channel width’s: Narrow (normal) and Wide. With FUT (strip) the Narrow Channel is advised. With FUE a combination of both the Narrow and Wide Channel are advised. The Wide Channel Needle typically has a higher survival rate (less chance of injured grafts) than the Narrow Channel Needle, though the hair follicle sits more loose in the Wide Channel.

0.8mm Diameter Needle 1.0mm Diameter Needle
Narrow Channel Width 0.25mm Width 0.3mm
Wide Channel Width 0.30mm Width 0.35mm


Instructions and further information:


Product Code Overview:

Item Product Code
Hair Implanter

(including ‘Standard’ Narrow Channel Needle)

OAA-2202 (0.6mm) – Brown
OAA-2193 (0.7mm) – Black
OAA-2190 (0.8mm) – Green
OAA-2194 (0.9mm) – Yellow
OAA-2191 (1.0mm) – White
OAA-2192 (1.2mm) – Red
Replacement Needle
Narrow Channel
OAA-2199 (0.6mm) – Brown
OAA-2112 (0.7mm) – Black
OAA-2109 (0.8mm) – Green
OAA-2113 (0.9mm) – Yellow
OAA-2110 (1.0mm) – White
OAA-2111 (1.2mm) – Red
Replacement Needle
Wide Channel
OAA-2109w (0.8mm) – Green
OAA-2110w (1.0mm) – White
Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0,1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 3 cm

0.6mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm

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