Akra DERMOJET HR Needleless Syringe

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Instruction video on how to load the DERMOJET:


The DERMOJET injects all types of liquid (anesthetics, corticoids …), by intradermic projection, without the use of a needle, painlessly and without contact with the patient’s skin.

In particular, it is equipt with :

  1. O-Rings made with material resistant to temperatures up to 220°C.
  2. A Pyrex or Radel® reservoir (4 ml capacity, about 40 doses)
  3. A stainless metal tip, all metal spare parts are all made of stainless steel, beware of cheap copies !!

The Dermojet type HR is adjusted by a single monojet dose of 0,1 ml it has the same general characteristics and involves the same applications as those described in the DERMOJET Standard’s notice.

  • LIGHT : Weight is around 300 gr.
  • TRUSTWORTHY : Strong, silent, fast.
  • STURDY : High technology material.
  • ERGONOMIC : Manouverable, equilibrated, and allows for intensive use without needless effort.
  • ESTHETIC : A modem, highly polished and streamlined device.
  • EFFICIENT : lts incorporated reservoir allows for operation in every position.
  • EASY TO USE : The armament is activated by a simple turn of the lever, and the liquid is flushed by pressing the button on the upper part of the machine.
  • STERILISABLE : at 134° Celsius maximum, during 18 minutes, (humid air). Do not leave products sitting for long periods of time. Rinse before sterilisation, read the complete instructions for use (useful link, PDF, further down this page)
Intradermal injection of 0.1‑mL doses, for the purposes of :
  • Local anaesthesia
  • Hair transplant
  • Corticosteroid injection

The DERMOJET works without cartridge, vial or ampoule

The DERMOJET is not delivered with medicinal substances; it is the practitioner who chooses the solution to be injected during the filling of the reservoir.

Additional information

Additional information

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Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm
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