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Worlds first and only Wound Care Spray that provides ATP (Adenosine-5’-triphosphate)!

Vitalise Wound Care Spray is a specially-formulated post-op spray based on the same patented technology used in the ATPv graft holding solution additive. ATPv is the industry leading additive for graft holding solution in FUE and FUT hair transplant surgeries. The manufacturer’s goal was to create a post-op spray that would live up to the high standard set by ATPv in the industry. Vitalise includes compounds to promote collagen formation and enhance hair growth and retention. It also contains ATPv, to achieve the same results you’ve come to expect when used as a graft holding solution additive. Energy Delivery Solutions has spent years testing many versions of this product and is confident to have found the most effective formulation.


The function of ATP explained

ATP plays a fundamental role in wound healing and scar formation. Whenever there is a wound to the skin, there is a disruption of blood flow (bleeding) to the wounded area.  The decreased blood flow leads to decreased levels of ATP inside of cells that border the wounded area.  This is why wounds grow slightly larger after injury as wound border cells die off until the remaining cells have sufficient blood flow and oxygen (i.e., ATP) to survive.  During this phase of wound healing (inflammatory phase) blood vessels near the wound dilate (redness) to allow more blood flow and also white blood cells to escape from the blood and enter the wound bed.  ATP is a potent vasodilator and this helps bring in more blood flow and also acts to attract white blood cells.

During the next phase of wound healing (proliferative phase), the wound begins to fill with collagen and newly divided cells, and blood vessels are rebuilt and extended into the wound from the border.  To make collagen and to make new cells and blood vessels requires vasts amounts of ATP, and if there is poor blood flow to the wound the healing of the wound will be slow.  This is why diabetic foot ulcers do not heal rapidly as they have a poor blood supply, and hence cannot make collagen and new cells.

In the final phase (remodeling phase), cells and collagen are changed to strengthen the wound and this process is ATP dependent (ATP-dependent enzymes, apoptosis). A scar forms when there is insufficient ATP to conduct the stages of wound healing as described above.  As a wound presents a chance for infection, and potentially could be fatal, the human body uses collagen production as a means to close the wound to prevent infection.  This leads to excess collagen, and if the remodeling phase is hampered by poor blood flow a scar will form.


Intended Use

Vitalise Wound Care Spray is intended for use in both the operative and post-operative phases of hair transplant procedures.

Volume and Frequency Use

Each 100 ml bottle has sufficient volume to spray both the donor and recipient sites for a period of 7 days. Vitalise can be applied to grafts during the FUE/FUT procedure to maintain hydration and provide ATP during the ischemic phase of the transplant procedure. For post-op treatment, Vitalise should be sprayed on the donor and recipient sites every 2 hrs for the first 48 hrs and then every 3-4 hours during days 3-7 post-op. It is recommended that patients use an occlusive dressing or shower cap to help maintain contact of Vitalise during the post-op healing phase.

Storage and Shelf-Life

Vitalise is sterile filtered, packaged in sterilized spray bottles, and undergoes microbial testing to ensure maximum safety. Vitalise is sold in 100 ml spray bottles that should be stored at 4°-8°C when not in use. Physicians have found that when the product is refrigerated, the cooling sprays of Vitalise help decrease the inflammation associated with the procedure. Vitalise is sterile filtered into sterile bottles and opening the spray head will result in product contamination. The shelf life is 120 days after production.


Vitalise should be sprayed on wounds and grafts only. Care should be taken to avoid spraying the product in or near the eyes, nose, or mouth, which can result in inflammation to mucous membranes. Vitalise should never be ingested. Any use other than what is intended is strictly prohibited.


Water, sodium chloride, phosphatidylcholine, adenosine-5’-triphosphate disodium salt, ascorbic acid, glutamine, potassium chloride, dibasic potassium phosphate, dibasic sodium phosphate, glucose, trimethylammonium propane.



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